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The OP-1 Notebook

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

The OP-1 Notebook

The OP-1 Notebook is now available. Formerly the OP-1 Cookbook which was only available on iBook store is now re-written from the bottom up, new content, new diagrams and illustrations and 130 pages of guides, reference and walkthroughs. As requested by the OP-1 community now also in a format that suits many devices such as iPad, iPhone, Smart Phones, PC, Mac and tablets. The PDF format and new design is intended to make space for your own notes and annotations when using a PDF reader with editing functions such as Goodnotes and Adobe Acrobat. The book also includes a quick reference guide for all of the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Series (PO) All for the price of a cup of coffee. Get it now from our eNotebook store. Enjoy !

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