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Many many thanks for this great digital reference book. I bought mine earlier this month for the Digitakt. Without you guys my progress would not have been possible. I shall wait for the OP-Z reference guide to come so I can buy it. You guys are simply brilliant. To all those who have not definitely check them out.

Hasan Dharamsey

I think the price is <1% of its real value... 

Marius Ursache

Its great stuff. I'd been struggling to get my head around the OP-1 finger sequencer, and it helped set things out in a very straightforward way.

Matt Leach

Hey dude! Just wanted to drop you a note and say thanks heaps for making that Digitakt notebook. I use it every day and even take it to work to look through at lunch. i'm a graphic designer so i really appreciate the thought you put into the layout and the typography. Makes it so easy to locate info. even made it 160 pages so i can print it out already formatted as a book! you are awesome!

Katie Miyake

The PO quick-refs at the end are a very nice bonus, and the notes space in each section is genius

Fernando Dias

Really worth it, even more for 2-3 GBP, it covers a lot of holes I had from reading the A4 manual and I like the format with space for notes, etc, on the margins, keep up the good work and thanks for this, one more time. Love the content :) will anxiously wait for whatever time it will take for the Digitone and OT ones

Victor Augusto de Campos

First I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent ebooks. They give an alternative point of view that really helps getting some of the more obscure parts clearer to understand

Carl Lofgren

Sound Designer at

... the reason to write you this mail is because I really enjoy reading the Digitakt eNotebook. I find it really inspiring piece of work.

Filip Ferferlev

The book is great. Just scanning the new version, I saw a whole load of stuff that I'd missed first time around -- and because I was reading on my computer and my DT is right next to my keyboard, I couldn't help but bang out some stuff to see what it did -- resulting in an instant boost to my creative juices. I swear this is the best three quid I've spent this year. If you don't have a copy -- I'd recommend you buy one ASAP. It's so much better than the manual.

Peter McDermott

Got my op-1 one the other day and the notebook has since been key to me learning everything I need to know about it. Thank you very much for creating it.


It's a great resource and presented very nice. I think you could charge more and it would be worth it. I know these take time to produce but (price at the cost of a cup of coffee) also very fair and a great Mantra!

Josh Elliott

To the world: I'm the proud owner of A4 Guidebook (so cheap for the huge material you will find in it). All I have to say is that the book, 276 pages, is consistent, well built, with a lot of diagrams, schema, explanations. It is not just a guidebook, is wide opened to teach us about synths and synthesis, sounds, modulations and so on. I never used may A4 in deep just because I postponed the moment to build my own diagrams in order to understand in an advanced manner the A4 machine and its workflow. Well, I don't have to spend my precious time: the guide is just perfect, covering in a smart way all I wanted to know. I strongly encourage you to buy this guide. (anyway, I have no involvement in synthdawg business, is just my opinion). Thank you, SYNTHDAWG team!

Gheorghe Ionica

Hi, bought your book on Digitakt and it was excellent. Also bought the analog four book and it's awesome. Thanks for your efforts, most appreciated

Kurt Hestvik

Just wanted to say how helpful the OP1 book has been. I have had the OP1 for several years and the book has opened up new ways in which I can use this fantastic synth.

Anthony Thurlow

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