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On The Tin, Under The Hood

The saying goes 'It Says on the tin......' as we proceed to give a down to earth and basic opinion from asking if it does what its supposed to do. That fundamental and elementary question is the first thing to be explored in the SynthDawg review blog. Whats its Purpose? Who is it intended for? Does it deliver on its most basic objectives? Does it do what it says on the tin? The second question for exploration revolves around its secrets and it's lesser known feature set. Delving under the hood to see what hidden gems can be uncovered. These reviews will therefore focus on these two questions and conclude with a summary of my 3 most prominent highlights from answering each of these two questions. Maybe this is a slightly different twist on the normal reviews and adds to the fun of it all. It goes without saying that these reviews are my own personal views and may not reflect the opinions of others or those of the equipment manufacturers. It also needs to be said that the volume of review output and focus will concentrate on gear i own, it may mean I'm reviewing older gear, niche gear and various software tools. Out of budget items may never even see a review (unless of course the generous gear manufacturers want to loan me something - ill check them out!). So lets see what this series brings. Some insights?.... Possibly.....Some knowledge? Maybe.....Some Fun and Entertainment?........Definitely! Enjoy

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