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SynthDawg is HERE!

The OP-1 Notebook

Well we are here. Today we launched SynthDawg to share our passion and interest in Synths and general music production. This is a labour of love and something that has evolved over the years starting with the iTunes Cookbooks and now to the SynthDawg eNotebook concept, and maybe more in future. The demand from the user community has always been to widen the platform from just the iOS base and time has been a limitation. However now we have it and not only produced the guidebook, reference book and notebook in a new PDF format, but we have also introduced the eNotebook concept. This offers space and a design to allow your own notes and annotations to be added when using the book within an editable reader application such as Goodnotes and Adobe Acrobat. However they are a comprehensive guide in their own right and first off the blocks covers the unofficial Teenage Engineering OP-1. The OP-1 Notebook is over 120 Pages of tips, walkthroughs, guides rewritten from the bottom up with new images, new style and design and new content, all in the PDF eNotebook format. We have other ideas in mind and will aim to expand the library, maybe some free stuff and we are also considering other products. We hope you enjoy the book, we also thank you for your ongoing and future support. Without you this won't happen. Thanx Neil

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