The Zoia Notebook

The Zoia Notebook

An unofficial producers guide for Empress Effects, Zoia effect pedal. A guidebook, a notebook and a reference book all rolled into one electronic ebook. 

- Covers firmware version 2.70 - February 2022

- Over 190 Pages of tutorials, diagrams, walkthroughs and examples

- Ideal for both beginner and advanced user of the Zoia effect pedal

- Covers hardware, programming patches and general instructions for use.

- From patch basics through to complex patch design

- Hyperlinked Contents & Module Library for easy reference navigation.

- PDF Format for maximum tablet, smartphone and PC/Mac compatibility and includes bookmarked contents.

- Add personal notes when used in a PDF editor such as Adobe or Goodnotes


All for less than the price of a cup of coffee. The price is intentially held low to enable future updates to remain affordable when new versions on the book are updated and released.

The Zoia Notebook

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