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The Octatrack Notebook

The Octatrack Notebook is a producers guide for beginners and advanced users alike.  Is an unofficial guide, reference and notebook. Synthdawg 'making RTFM Cool'.


- Over 470 Pages

- A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference

- Designed for MKII but may be a help for MKI users.

- Walkthroughs, Tips, Tricks and General Guidance

- Design gives space for your own notes and comments to be added. Make it personal.

- Deep Dive on Octatrack to compliment rather than replace the official manual

- Machines, Tracks, Sequencing, Recording, Sampling, Patterns, MIDI, System Housekeeping and all things Octatrack are covered.

- Designed for Tablet, Phone and also A4 Printer Friendly.

- Hyperlinks & PDF Bookmarks

- New Release Jan 2022 for OS1.40a.


Note: This is a one off purchase and hence why the price is held so low. Future updates would be by repurchase.


The Octatrack Notebook

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  • Contents:-

    Overview    1

    Architecture    9

    Sets & Projec