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The Octatrack Notebook

The Octatrack Notebook is a producers guide for beginners and advanced users alike.  Is an unofficial guide, reference and notebook. Synthdawg 'making RTFM Cool'.


- Over 470 Pages

- A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference

- Designed for MKII but may be a help for MKI users.

- Walkthroughs, Tips, Tricks and General Guidance

- Design gives space for your own notes and comments to be added. Make it personal.

- Deep Dive on Octatrack to compliment rather than replace the official manual

- Machines, Tracks, Sequencing, Recording, Sampling, Patterns, MIDI, System Housekeeping and all things Octatrack are covered.

- Designed for Tablet, Phone and also A4 Printer Friendly.

- Hyperlinks & PDF Bookmarks

- New Release Jan 2022 for OS1.40a.


Note: This is a one off purchase and hence why the price is held so low. Future updates would be by repurchase.


The Octatrack Notebook

SKU: 007
  • Contents:-

    Overview    1

    Architecture    9

    Sets & Projects    27

    Track Basics    51

    Track Machines    81

    Track Recording    123

    AMP    147

    Parts and Scenes    157

    Pattern Basics    177

    Patterns Advanced    209

    LFO’s    257

    Audio    277

    Effects    325

    MIDI    361

    Arrangements    421

    System    449


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