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The KOII Notebook

The KOII / EP-133 Notebook


Its  Reference Book! A Guidebook! A Notebook. Delivered as download in PDF format for maximum compatibility. Specifically written, bottom up for the Teenage Engineering EP-133 sampler composer. Covering all things KOII, this book is everything you need as a reference to the Teenage Engineering KOII/EP-133. Step by step walkthroughs help newbie's and advanced user alike get to know how to use the device to its fullest. Finally its a notebook where you can make your own notes and comments in the spaces provides bringing together a comprehensive and customised guide. All for the price of a cup of coffee.


Whats New:

- All new high quality diagrams, designed bottom up for the book

- Over 200 pages of content and  note space

- Guidebook + Notebook concept. Electronic annotations on tablet or computer when using applications such as Goodnotes, Adobe Acrobat etc

- Quick reference section.

- Small footprint PDF format for wider distribution and coverage of many more devices

- PDF Bookmarks and Hyperlinked Contents

- Deeper dive and walkthrough approach

- Latest 1.2.3 KOII / EP-133 OS. Book Release June 2024 (First Release 'A') 


[Note this is a one off purchase and any major updates for new versions will require repurchase. Its why the price is so low! The book can be downloaded within a 30 day access window, email to request new download link (for original purchase version] if the window expires.

The KOII Notebook

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