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The Digitakt Notebook

Update January 2024,  OS 1.51A


A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference. The Digitakt Notebook is packed with walkthroughs, diagrams and explanations for getting the best from Elektron's Digitakt and is also designed specifically to add your own notes and comments.


Current Version Covers:-

- 1.51A Version OS

- Over 250 Pages of Content

- PDF Format

- All features of Digitakt covered including machines, patterns, sampling, song mode, ete with illustations, diagrams and walkthroughs

- Supports new and advanced users alike

- Hyperlinked contents

- PDF Bookmarked sections




The Digitakt Notebook

SKU: 002
  • - ~250 Pages

    - A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference

    - Walkthroughs, Tips, Tricks and General Guidance

    - Design enables your own notes and comments to be added

    - Deep Dive on Digitakt to compliment rather than replace the official manual

    - Sampling, Samples, Tracks, Patterns, Midi, System Housekeeping and all things Digitakt are covered.

    - Designed for Tablet, Phone and also Printer Friendly.

    - Hyperlinked contents page links

    - Updated March 2023  for OS1.50.



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