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The Analog Four Notebook

The Analog Four Notebook

OS 1.50a, Book Version 2.0

A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference. The Analog Four Notebook is packed with walkthroughs, diagrams and explanations for getting the best from Elektron's Analog Four MkI, MkII and Analog Keys and is also designed specifically to add your own notes and comments.

Latest Release : Dec 2020

The Analog Four Notebook

SKU: 003
  • - Over 290 Pages of guides, instructions, walkthroughs and diagrams

    - A Notebook, A Guidebook, A Reference Book.

    - Hyperlinked Contents Page

    - PDF for maximum compatibility with tablets, smart phones and laptops

    - Designed for experts and new users alike

    - Deep dive into all aspects of the Analog Four Synth from Elektron

    - Covers MkI, MkII and Analog Keys


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