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Small Operations

One thing that has to be said about the Teenage Engineering brand is that the community is an exceptionally supportive and helpful social network. There are many videos showing off music, tutorials, tips and advice. We have The OP-1 Notebook (plug). We have the forums including Reddit and the fantastic Operator One group. One thing that has been missing however is a podcast. look no further as Small Operations is an unofficial independent podcast covering all things Teenage Engineering. The show is up to Episode 2 at the time of writing and i have to say i have enjoyed every minute of it so far. Its great when you want to be part of something and help fellow members of the TE community along their journey and also to share music with like minded folk. It brings this community even closer and strengthens the support even further. Im sure TE will embrace and encourage the progress. The balance of chat, musical excerpts, tips and a wide variety of news and interesting topics are great to hear and brings a new and welcome dimension to the TE community. But don't sit here reading my perspective, go give it a listen. Subscribe and why not even join in. Small Operations is available on Spotify (see below), podtail, Listen Notes, and other podcast providers.

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