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Dig Dig Dig Digitakt

Well i love this thing. In fact when i chose to write some books this was one that just needed to be covered. So today i released The Digitakt Notebook. An eBook that was specifically aimed at people who wanted a tablet / phone based document. But i also did my homework. It can also be printed and i designed the graphics intentionally white / light to protect ink usage. But when i say homework i dont just mean in the style. The content was also a big consideration. Speaking to people i figured most people who buy Elektron, love the gear but struggle with the learning curve. So i tried to sort that out. I also figured people want a companion so that the eBook could sit alongside the unit and not be something that gathers dust, metaphorically speaking. Available on multi formats - check, appealing to advanced and new users - check, step by step guide - check, add my own notes - check etc etc. I am a synth geek first and writer second. The Notebook comes from love of the synth and not love of writing. Someone today asked me why. Why OP-1 and then why Digitakt. Is it the Swedish thing? Well actually i love the Swedish gear. Elektron, Nord, Teenage Engineering etc. But the Digitakt is a great device. Thats why i wrote the book It covers everything Digitakt. Step by step guides, tips, hints, walkthroughs and (i think) better clarity on the Digitakt structure. Check it out. The price of a cup of coffee (without the caramel slice)

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