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Operator-1 User Forum

Operator-1 User Forum

A user forum for all things OP-1 and also other Teenage Engineering news and talk. Includes OP-z and other TE devices

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Imaginando Ableton Live

The legacy PC/MAC Script from Imaginando for using OP-1 as a an external midi controller 

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Teenage Engineering

Official home of the OP-1, OP-Z, PO Pocket Operator range . Access to manuals, component diagrams and OS software

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Xfer Drum Sample Creator

Freeware utility for creating OP-1 drum samples on a PC or Mac developed by Steve Duda and Xfer Records

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Small Operations

Unofficial and independent Podcast covering music, tips, chat and anything Teenage Engineering related.


Lemu Liine OPAL App

 App and utility for externally modulating the OP-1. Lemur site also includes severals OP-1 Sequencers. Guide is Here.


Archived OS Versions

A source for the older OP-1 OS versions. The official and current OS version is available from TE Here

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TE Diagrams

The STL, 2D and 3D diagrams for OP-1 and accessories.

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OP1 Fun

A Cool site for managing and collecting samples and OP-1 files

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Fix-It Repairs and Spares

A source for replacement components and full repair guides for the OP-1. Access to the EU Site Here

- OP-1 Videos -


Teenage Engineering

Red Means Recording 


Sammy Jams

Ghost Radio Show

DJ Thomas White

Sonic State

Made Up Monster

Space Travel Made Easy