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  • What are SynthDawg eNotebooks?
    The concept is that the books provide a guide, reference to the particular hardware or software product. These digital books also are issued in a format that aims to be compatibale with manay tablet, smart phones, PC and Macbook. Using the PDF within applications such as Goodnotes and Adobe Acrobat you can add your own notes and annotations.
  • On what devices does the eNotebook work?
    They are issued in a high quality PDF format. This ensures that you can read the document on many wide ranging devices such as iPad, iPhone, Smart Phones, Tablets, PC, Mac and any device thats compatible in reading a PDF document. It is recommended to use a hosting reader app to get the most of using the document.
  • How are future updates handled?
    Major updates will be applied when a significant feature change is released on the device or when new and additional book content is made. The low price is aimed at allowing major updates, which will be around once per year to be offered in a cost effective manner. This way we hope to retain a standard format over a longer period. We will always endeavour to issue new versions at a lower introductory price to support those who have bought the previous version.
  • Why arent they free?
    We endeavour to keep the price of the books as low as possible. In fact our mantra is to keep these around the price of a cup of coffee. We are not a registered company and this is not a business nor provides our primary income. However we have the website, domain, hardware and software, merchant and distribution costs that are currently self funded. In addition we buy synths and equippment to test and check out what we write. The time element to create the books is huge and something that we couldnt aim to cover by price alone. We share the same love of synths and music as our customers. The price therefore serves to help support part of this cost infrastructure. While ever the provision and development of these books is viable financially and with the available time allocation we will continue. The support of our customers is therefore extremely valuable and appreciated.
  • Where can i provide feedback and comments?
    Please feel free to email us at We welcome all feedback and are interested to hear anything that may help us serve you better.
  • Whats next in the SynthDawg library?
    Well we have some other ideas. More eNotebooks are planned and maybe some sample packs. Some free stuff also hopefully. We aim to focus on the niche area of music production and gear. Right now time and cost is the limitation of the speed and range at which we can introduce more to the product range.
  • What about commissioned work?
    We have been commissioned to work on several project. This is fully transparent and where we have been commissioned on commercial activities this will be made clear. We are very selective when working with others and would only undertake work in partnership with manufacturers and where the synthdawg ethos can be maintained. We would only work with companies who share our passion and who operate with integrity.
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